Suggestions or Feedback ?

Suggestions or Feedback ?

Like our site? Think it need improvement ? Got an idea how it could be improved?

Whatever, we’d like to know so please leave a comment below.

We will try our best to keep up with it!



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  1. TW /

    Some of the suggestions by members in past and which are implemented, special thanks to them

    1) Jeevan & AS : Change the way the content/calls posted, have separator, inline spacing, colors.

    TW : Implemented.

    2) Sahu : Decrease the no.of posts in home page to increase site speed.

    TW : Implemented

    3) Bull/Arun/Jeevan : During conversation over hangout idea of polling en-lighted

    TW : Implemented

    4) AS : Logo size reduction and its removal in post pages.

    TW : Implemented

    5) Shaik/Sahu/Jeevan/Naveen @ All : Suggestion / Feedback Page to be implemented.

    TW : Implemented

    Thanks to all those who help us to improve on ongoing basis, please do not mind if have missed some one name above.


  2. sham /

    1) make auto save name and email id on comment box so from that were all not need type name and email every time when want make comment….

    TW : Already there confirmed working

    2) Create a new page to teach were all about technical analysis and upload some video for reference…

    TW : WIP

    3) Put a special search bar to check the support and resistance level for all stock and Finally
    TW : WIP

    4) Make a auto refresh box to update the free call because every time missed to enter the call and also need refresh the website to see the calls(“auto refresh box by using adobe plugin coding”)
    TW : Parked for time being

  3. Arun Kumar /

    Hi @sham: Good Suggestions. 🙂

  4. Arun Kumar /

    Hi TW,

    I have the following suggestions for the website:-
    1. It would be good if it is possible to add some basic text formatting buttons & smiley buttons here in the comments section.
    TW : Alternatives suggested and its working

    2. Edit option for the comment posted for the first 15 minutes.
    TW : Dropped, due to security issues

    3. Free Subscription for members and only registered member can post using their user id and password.
    TW : Parked for time being

  5. guna /

    HI SIR GM pls add technical analysis video in main page sir

  6. guna /

    hi sir plese give two to three option calls 1 to 2 hrs gap

  7. guna /

    hi sir pls give option calls every two hourly sir

  8. TW /

    Hi @sham:

    1)Auto save name,emaiid : Thought it was working, unless and until you have dlete cookies from browser i think it should auto save, please cross check once and let me know.

    2)Technical Analysis : Yes on technical analysis things are in pipeline, we should find something soon

    3)Support & Resistance : Am searching for that support and resistance free API, till date not able to find any, if any by chance you come across please let me know, we are looking in to this.

    4)Auto refresh : we worked upon however, currently due to our hosting restrictions not able to implement, will implement something for this soon in near future.

    Good Suggestions, Thanks !!

  9. TW /

    Hi @Arun Kumar:

    Text formatting/Smileys : Looking in to this will try, for time being you can use bold,italic tags and use symbols for smileys. (Example : < ...b>Your Message < ..../b>, : – ) (without dots and space you can get that working)

    Edit Options : Only moderators will have access to due to security issues, this suggestion is dropped.

    Subscription : Yup, on the list will work out something soon

    Membership & Posting : Will try, Currently site is very new so its open to everyone, once we get lot of users we can work on this.

    Thanks for the suggestions.

  10. TW /

    Hi @guna:

    Technical Analysis Videos on Home Page : Sure, once ready will post !!

    Call every two hours : Sorry Its difficult for us to post free calls in such fashion, with premium services around, will check what can be done.

    Thanks for suggestions.

  11. Arun Kumar /

    Hi @TW: Thanks. 🙂

  12. TW /

    Hi @Arun Kumar: ur welcome !!

  13. guna /

    hi sir GM thanks for reply and sorry for asking more free calls sir i request you to give nifty levels for afternoon session

  14. guna /

    thanks for previous reply sir

  15. TW /

    Hi @guna: no problem, nifty levels you can refer to my post, it will stay the same through out the day, will change only when new heights or new lows are done.

  16. TW /

    Thanks to RK and IBULL for suggestion on NSE ticker placement over hangout.

  17. ibull /

    You are welcome TW 🙂

  18. rkb /

    most welcome

  19. Sahu k /

    Put Visitors Count in your web page!

    TW : Dropped, can not disclose 🙂

  20. Sham /

    I want suggest to you for mention dip levels for every short term call because im don’t know which level can be enter for the target… Thanks.

  21. TW /

    Hi @Sham: ok point take, its just that pre market calls, so why not sure how they will open up.

    Will try my best.

  22. no name /

    hi, need you advice to you visitor don’t post level again on comment box because its look like spam and dont chase the free premium call by that way

  23. TW /

    Hi @no name: point noted, comments will be reviewed for quality only good comments which be considered and based on that winner will be announced.

  24. TW /

    @ All, Launched Stock search,site search, Live Stock Quotes scroll and Live Global Markets .

  25. sham /

    I would like suggest put the Global Markets Live toolbar above bull and bear tool bar, reduce gap between top and below nse ticker, also reduce top commentator list and also recent comment to 10 only…. 🙂

    TW : Implemented

  26. TW /

    Hi @sham: thanks for suggestions, done some changes in accordance.

    1.Moved live global markets up
    2.Top commentator reduced to 5
    3.Recent comments reduced to 15

  27. sham /

    Thanks for considered my suggestion.. 🙂

  28. Umesh /

    Please provide calls by SMS also, sometimes it is not possible to refresh website to check new calls. What will be charge for SMS we will pay.

    TW : WIP

  29. TW /

    Hi @Umesh: thanks for the suggestion, you are right we need to look in to SMS service we will check what can be done.

  30. sharath /

    Hi @TW: at the time of giving calls tell us wt should be avg rate…

  31. TW /

    Hi @sharath: hmm you mean for equity calls ?, if so below is the suggestion.

    1)They are for short term
    2)Always watch for target price given and make your own strategy.

    Example Strategy.
    1)Buy 50% in opening and look for target, if goes down, at support buy another 50%.

    2)Buy 50% below previous close price and look for target, if goes down, at support buy another 50%

    3)Buy 100% below previous close price and look for target.

    4)Buy 100% at opening and look for target.

    — In short look for target, support levels and trade accordingly.

  32. Sharath /

    thank you sir for clearing my query…

  33. TW /

    Hi @Sharath: you are welcome.

  34. ramesh patel /

    hello sir i want to join you. plz provide me detail of bank account and other things to my email address. i emailed you also from same thanks

  35. Tw / Post Author

    Hi, will email you shortly.

  36. shyamal /

    hello sir i emailed to you. plz kindly add me and reply in my mobile no thansk

  37. Tw / Post Author

    Hi Shyamal, Yes activated, emailed and sent u SMS.


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