Intraday Tips 21-03-2016

Intraday Tips 21-03-2016

Good Morning All, Welcome to Nifty Tips by Trade Warrior, please find below Intraday Tips 21-03-2016

Markets likely to be Flat today, please find below Nifty Index Levels, Nifty Chart,Nifty Intraday Tips,Stock Intraday Tips.

Nifty  Levels Intraday,

Support 7448, 7483, 7544…..PV 7579.…Resistance 7639, 7674, 7735.

Intraday Tips 21-03-2016 - CNX Nifty Graph

Nifty Intraday Graph

Nifty Tips Intraday :  Buy Nifty above 7600 for Target 7640 and stop loss 7580.

Stock Tips Intraday : Buy Apollotyre above 176 for 180/183 Target and stop loss 174.(Book Profit @ 180)


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  1. Tw / Post Author

    Book Part Profit in Apollo Tyre @ 180+RSL2C.

  2. Vignesh /

    RSL2C reached in NIFTY 7500 CE at 165 after hitting T1 and now again went up and hit your T2.

  3. Vignesh /

    For the past few calls, you will see that T1 is hit then RSL2C and then T2. Why do you think that is happening?

  4. Tw / Post Author

    Hi@Vignesh: Yup have already updated the performance report accordingly.

    Market is such, not much we can do.

  5. Tw / Post Author

    Hi@Vignesh: Could be more people are booking full at that point.

  6. Vignesh /

    Hi@Tw: Okay.

  7. Vignesh /



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