Intraday Tips 17-03-2016

Intraday Tips 17-03-2016

Good Morning All, Welcome to Nifty Tips by Trade Warrior, please find below Intraday Tips 17-03-2016

Markets likely to be Flat today, please find below Nifty Index Levels, Nifty Chart,Nifty Intraday Tips,Stock Intraday Tips.

Nifty  Levels Intraday,

Support 7330, 7368, 7433…..PV 7471.…Resistance 7536, 7573, 7639.

Intraday Tips 17-03-2016 - CNX Nifty Graph

Nifty Intraday Graph

Nifty Tips Intraday :  Sell Nifty below 7475 for Target 7435 and stop loss 7500.

Stock Tips Intraday : Sell Lupin below 1735 for 1710 / 1720 Target and stop loss 1750. (Book Profit @ 1712)


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  1. Tw / Post Author

    Book Profit in Lupin @ 1712

  2. Vignesh /

    Hi Tw,

    Wow, that’s good 23 points. Do you have a performance report for the Cash Market calls? It is free, right?

  3. Stanly /

    Even though market opened in a gap up, Lupin came down from 1766.30, both your sell targets achieved. Good call, congratulations. Waiting for your Equity intraday service

  4. Vignesh /

    Hi@Stanly: What quantity did you trade and what did you make?

  5. Tw / Post Author

    Hi@Vignesh: Yes its free tips so no performance report maintained.

  6. Tw / Post Author

    Hi@Stanly: Thanks, You are welcome, will share details by today EOD.

  7. Vignesh /

    Hi@Tw: Oh then it is risky to take such service. Cheap or free service is not good, and good service is not cheap. What other paid service do you have other than Nifty Options tips? Previously you were giving Stock Options tips as well. Have you stopped it?

  8. Tw / Post Author

    Hi@Vignesh: Lupin trades in futures so lot size is 300 quantity.

  9. Vignesh /

    Hi@Tw: Okay. So are you saying I can use your call to trade Futures if it is available?

  10. Vignesh /

    Hi@Tw: But futures move is a little different from cash market. Isn’t it?

  11. Tw / Post Author

    Hi@Vignesh: in similar to free tip we are starting paid service in equity cash, will publish service details shortly in website.

  12. Tw / Post Author

    Hi@Vignesh: Yes you can trade in futures, options, equity cash, equity margin …

  13. Tw / Post Author

    Hi@Vignesh: very minute it will be 1-2 rs difference.

  14. Vignesh /

    Hi@Tw: Okay. I will look forward to that.


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